Lead Generation using content

Amplifying lead generation funnels with content that works

The Client

Strategic content with the right intent

The fintech company wanted to increase the effectiveness of their inbound marketing through the use of a comprehensive, multi-channel content strategy that aligned with their business goals. In addition to developing a cohesive plan, the company also needed assistance creating engaging content to support their buyers throughout the buyer journey.

The Challenge

Streamlining and simplifying content marketing

The organization aims to generate engagement, attract new people and increase its brand awareness. To achieve these goals, the medical institution sought the help of The Content Powerhouse to create visually appealing graphics and animation as part of their campaign collateral.

Lead Generation for a Fintech Firm

The Solution

Designing authoritative content that attracts and converts

After identifying the key characteristics and priorities of our client’s target audience, we created a comprehensive, interactive editorial calendar to help them track and measure the performance of their content.

To further take their lead generation to another level, we produced highly-targeted content with the right intent that resonated with their audience and leveraged the platforms they use to amplify their content distribution.

This helped ensure that our client’s content strategy was aligned with their business objectives and effectively reached their desired audience.

What are the results?


increase in
leads generated


online event


more website
traffic generated

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