Terms and Conditions

General Terms

The Content Powerhouse LLC (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Content Powerhouse’ or ‘TCP’ or the ‘Service Provider’) is a company whose core activities include content marketing services, but are not limited to content strategy, content planning, content creation, content management and campaign management for third party organizations.

The ‘Client’ is referred to as the contracting party (natural or legal persons and organizations) with whom The Content Powerhouse enters into an agreement.

This General Terms and Conditions apply to all deliverables by The Content Powerhouse unless explicitly stated otherwise in an Agreement between TCP and the Client.

The conditions outlined in the General Terms and Conditions may deviate from the terms outlined in the Order Form, the conditions outlined in the General Terms and Conditions shall take precedence.

By signing the Agreement and/or an Order Form, the Client hereby agrees to and declares to have read the General Terms and Conditions.

Execution of the Agreement

All parties shall always execute the Agreement to the best of their abilities, in good faith and in accordance with the codes of practice.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Client

  1. Authorization. The Client must ensure that all data, passwords and access to platforms of which The Content Powerhouse indicates as essential for the execution of the Agreement (included but not limited to the details prompted on the registration form, content management platforms, social media credentials and other relevant information), are communicated to TCP in time. Otherwise, The Content Powerhouse has the right to charge the Client extra costs for the delays. 

    All access to and/or credentials provided by the Client shall be used by the Content Powerhouse solely for the purpose of the Agreement. Should the Client provide incorrect and/or incomplete access and/or credentials to platforms, The Content Powerhouse cannot be held responsible for delays and damages resulting from this situation.
  2. Links. The Agreement