A Full Content Marketing Sprint With AXPIRA

The Challenge

As a continuously evolving growth marketing agency, AXPIRA is constantly in need of content for its website, social platforms and growing client network- but not just any type of content.

AXPIRA envisioned itself as an industry leader and wants to solidify their position in the market. To do so, AXPIRA needs a variety of content that is both interactive and informative. The goal is to increase brand engagement and attract more clients.

To begin with, AXPIRA already has a library of visually appealing content. However, it didn’t meet their expectations.

To better understand the situation, we took a deep dive into AXPIRAs existing content strategy and found several issues. The main culprit? An array of inconsistencies and an unclear plan.

axpira case

The Solution

social media stats


We mapped the visitors journey throughout the website. We want every nook of AXPIRAs website to have substance. We want the website experience to be seamless. We want AXPIRA to become a “Trusted Digital Growth Partner.”

To achieve this, we started creating content with their theme in mind. We made sure that every sentence and call to action reflected this message. To further help their online visibility, we used keywords and optimized every page for SEO.


From zero to hero, AXPIRA’s LinkedIn account was fairly new. We started with A/B Testing formats to see which one stands out. We created images, videos and PDF carousels around topics aligned with AXPIRAs brand image and shared them organically. We managed, monitored and reported growth within three weeks.

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