5 Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Working

Wondering why your content isn’t doing much for your business? Here are 5 reasons why your content isn’t working

1. Your gut feeling isn’t always right

Content that are based on gut feeling alone won’t work and there’s statistical data to prove it. Use real data to fuel your content strategy & plan. This will help you identify gaps & the types of content your audience need.

2. You don’t have a content marketing plan

The reality is, publishing content isn’t as easy as clicking a button. Your competitors likely publish content on a regular basis, how will you stand-out? Prepare a content marketing plan to help you strategize how to better support your content paid or organically.

3. You don’t A/B Test your content

Don’t have data? Don’t just leave your content to die a silent death, A/B test every single content you produce from title to description. You’ll surely find what works!

4. Your content isn’t good enough

Don’t create content for the sake of just posting. Research, test & experiment with your content process using data and don’t forget to leverage your SEO. Content should be EAT! Yes you read that right. Remember to always create expertise, authoritative, and trustworthy content.

5. You’re not updated with the latest trends

Staying updated is a great way to maximize opportunities and in avoiding being left out by your competitors. Proactively research trends and create authority and expertise using content that speaks.

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