5 Steps to Improve Your Company’s Social Engagement

Are your posts not getting any attention because of vacation season? Here are 5 steps you can easily follow to boost your company’s social media engagement.

1. Build Employee Advocacy

Mobilize your company’s greatest asset by curating your content to their liking and by *ahem* incentivizing their participation. Nothing speaks better than having a proactive company culture online and offline.

2. Be a Consistent Storyteller

Going viral overnight isn’t exactly that easy for businesses. Maximize your Social Media ROI by keeping your audience coming for more. Consistently curate engaging content that supports your campaigns and highlight some of your audience’s pain points.

3. Know Current Trends & Events

Another great way to increase your brand’s visibility is to create informative content about current events & trends to catch your target audience’s attention. Trust us, you do not want to be late when it comes to trends.

4. Practice Social Listening

The best way to learn what your audience likes is to go where they hang out. Listen to what they post and the kind of posts they engage with. From there you can better tailor your content. Remember to talk about your topic, not just your brand. Engage, don’t sell!

5. Befriend Algorithms

While creativity matters, it’s always best to know social media algorithms. Research best practices and formats for each platform because truth be told not all platforms are created equal.

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